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DB SCI Graph Component for Borland Delphi™ and Borland C++ Builder™

DB SCI Graph is an easy-to-use component for Borland Delphi™ and Borland C++ Builder™ for displaying numerical data without much programming effort.

New! DB SCI Graph is now also available as ActiveX™ Control!


  • Linear and logarithmic axis scaling
  • Multiple curves possible
  • Axis labels and title
  • Auto scaling (display range may also be set manually)
  • Zoom function with undo (may be disabled)
  • Panning function (may be disabled)
  • Hold function lets you save the current curves and paint additional curves over them - useful for data comparison
  • Display of mouse coordinates (may be disabled)
  • Export to clipboard as metafile
  • Print function
  • Automatic color assignment (manual assignment possible)
  • Line style and symbols may be specified for every curve.
  • Background color may be changed
  • Mouse events (mouse position in current coordinate system, for example)
  • Suitable for large amounts of data
  • Source code available for extra charge
  • No royalties



With just the following few program lines

  i, j, k:Integer;
  x, y:Extended;
  GraphWin        := TGraphWin.Create(Self);
  GraphWin.Parent := MainForm;
  GraphWin.Align  := alClient;
  FOR i := 1 TO 10 DO
      FOR j := 1 TO 10000 DO
          x := Pi / 10000 * j;
          y := 0.0;
          FOR k := 0 TO i DO
            y := y + Sin((2.0 * k + 1.0) * x) / (2.0 * k + 1.0);
          y := y * 4.0 / Pi;
  GraphWin.XLabel := 'x-Achse';
  GraphWin.YLabel := 'y-Achse';
  GraphWin.Title  := 'DB SCI Graph Demo';

  GraphWin.ShowMouseCoords := TRUE;
  GraphWin.ZoomEnabled     := TRUE;

the following curves may be displayed:


License fees:

Single site license US$ 10
Singe site license with source code US$ 25

Multi site licenses on request!

Download shareware version

Download shareware version of ActiveX Control

Buy at

Important Notice!

In internet you will find so-called "key generators" for DB SCI Graph on some crack sites. There is no key to enable the additional features of the licensed version. If you order the licensed version you will get a different version of DB SCI Graph which does not have any restrictions. The so-called key generators are trojans which will download other programs on your computer without any notice or will submit data from your computer to the computer of the creator of this program.

By the way, the use of key generators is a criminal offence....


Questions and further information via e-mail.

Last changed at 01/13/07